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How to become a Modafen member?

Mona Lisa

The Ministry of Education offers three routes to choosing elementary school entrance:

  1. Priority according to the date of application
  2. Lottery
  3. Placement test

In determining the placement level of a potential Modafen student, the evaluation and opinions of the teachers who have interviewed that student play very important role.

Schools choose one of these routes for a particular year and only the chosen route, with the same conditions applying to each student, can be used for student acceptance in that year.

At Modafen, potential students sit a written exam and are invited to an interview. These help to analyse their level. Modafen acknowledges that multiple-choice exams fail to determine the level of academic or individual learning achievement of a child. Therefore, in order to obtain and correctly interpret information about students’ academic success, learning styles, thinking techniques, behaviour styles and potential, the students who apply for entrance are given an academic-based interview that lasts between 20 to 60 minutes.

The guardians/parents, who are also a part of the Modafen family, are a very important criterion for placement.

Modafen values the impact guardians/parents have on a student and on that student’s potential. Accordingly, the appointments for guardian/parent meetings, which are held in order to get to know the parents and the general structure of the family as well as the students themselves, are scheduled for Sundays and all other days, except in certain exceptional cases.